Customer Reviews

“Kelly’s Raisin Walnut Cookies are chewy, delicious, and scrumptiously healthy. These cookies are the best good-for-you yummy cookies I have ever had!
Thank You.”
Brianna B.

“You have found your way into my hall of fame of guardian angels. I was a little light this year on valentines and your package saved the day (for both Valerie and Casey). And the cookies were even BETTER than we remembered. We have shared with all the neighbors so hopefully there will be more Palo Alto ‘cookie club’ members in the near future!
Thank You.”

“I am a very happy customer of Kelly’s Cookies. I have a severe allergy to gluten. This prevents me from enjoying most premade foods that are available especially sweet treats. I now am able to enjoy a cookie whenever I like thanks to Kelly’s cookies. Her gluten free selection of cookies taste wonderful. You would never know the difference. They are absolutely delicious and not the least bit bland or crumby like most gluten free treats. My Grandchildren are even a big fan and always asking to raid my cookie shelf.
Thanks Kelly.”
Carol R.

“I want to thank you for sending the cookies for Father’s Day. They were a “big” hit. He really enjoyed them. I wish you much success in your business. You have a wonderful, delicious product and the gluten –free is a much welcomed treat.
Thanks again.”