About Us

It seems like we all have the same story. We bake cookies lovingly for family and friends, and the next thing you know, you’re in business. My story is no different.

Photo of Andy, Kelly, and Miles
Andy, Kelly, and Miles

I originally started making these cookies for my husband, Andy, because I want him to live a long time, so I went for the healthy alternative, using only the finest, premium organic and natural ingredients. He is very serious about his cookies, so they had to be delicious, too. The recipes were tweaked and changed a few times until I was satisfied they were healthy enough, and he was satisfied with both the taste and “aftertaste”, which, according to Andy, is just as important.

So off to the farmers’ market my dear friends took me to sell my cookies. And I was stunned at how many cookie people there are, and how serious they are about their cookies. And they loved mine. People I didn’t even know told me how much they loved my cookies and had never tasted any other cookies like them. And they keep coming back for more, searching for my gourmet cookies at local stores and festivals. In fact, if you’re on Highway 120, going toward Yosemite, stop by Miner’s Mart or Firefall Coffee Roasting Company, Mar-Val Market, Mountain Sage, Sweets in the Kitchen, or Groveland Pharmacy, all in Groveland. Our cookies are also available at several locations in Yosemite National Park. Grab a bag or some big cookies for the road, picnic or hike. It will definitely be worth the stop. I think you’ll find them both satisfying and tasty. You’ll want to turn around and go back for more.

And so it goes. I’ve become so busy that Andy built me my own commercial kitchen, and is now helping me out. What an adventure! So whether you buy them in our neck of the wood or by contacting us via email or phone, I’m sure you’ll find my gourmet cookies a very special treat.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to Thank God for all His work in creating this Cookie business. Without his hand and nudge, it would not have happened. When Andy and I look back now after almost 10 years, we see his work in everything, from our sweet friends’ help and confidence, to our recipes. We also want to Thank all the business and people who continue to order and enjoy our cookies. We are truly Blessed and Praise the Lord with full hearts. God Bless You All. A&K

Portrait photography by Terri Metz